Living with depression can be a real struggle, a battle against fear, confusion, anger, self-doubt, numbness, shame and guilt. This short, practical book examines what depression is and tells you how you can fight back and gain control of your thinking and emotions. Understanding your depression is the first step towards recovery, so this book guides you through the minefield of psychological and social causes and illustrates the patterns that lead to low self-esteem, incapacitating sadness, resentment and all the other day-to-day symptoms of depression. If you suffer from depression then you know the physical and emotional toll it takes on you but don't despair, help is at hand.

This book is based on my personal experience of having to come up with my own methods of combating depression because medical intervention did nothing for me. You don't need Prozac to lift your mood: this book contains tips anyone can use and none of them will cost you a single penny. Discover that going for a short walk has a better antidepressant effect on your brain than any medication, and many other pieces of practical advice to help you regain control of your life.